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660 Area Code Call Recoding  Brandon explains that “in the first month after pushing the chat function live, our small team resolved 589 unique issues via chat.” “That number increased to over 1,400 in the second and third months. The second month was December which is traditionally slow for auto insurance policy writing. This made it even more impressive. When the pandemic began, many health agencies quickly set up COVID test facilities. But they also faced a challenge with many calls coming inbound from people wanting to be tested and outbound following up with patients after the test. So Checkout set out to find ways to help its clients better manage communications at their COVID sites and infectious disease clinics.

660 Area Code Call Recoding

Brandon explains that Engage Digital is helping Mendota reach its primary goal to create a better customer experience for its independent agent agents. And that is having a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.”Our agents told us they like the fact that they can contact someone directly while writing a new policy. “It’s helping agents reach us and get our answers faster than ever, and that’s making them more successful in writing more business. They have been providing workflow software for infectious disease clinics over the years. Their clients include the CDC and the public and county health departments of numerous US states, towns, and cities. It is clear that since the COVID-19 crisis, Chexout has seen an increase in the demand for its apps. These apps can be used to manage clinics and the onboarding test site, automated results notifications, contacts tracing, electronic surveillance, etc.

Enhancing the agent experience and Mendota’s bottom line

Checkout was introduced to Theby, one of their clients in public health. After that, they began researching the all-in-one cloud communication solution. The offered app developers a wide variety of APIs that could integrate The services into business software. For example, TheEmbeddable could integrat into Checkout, allowing clients to use the Checkout interface for click-to-dial. You could also automate secure communication to patients of clients through Checkout. Both features could streamline public health agencies’ workflows and help them serve more people within their communities. But time was a concern. Checkout CEO Joe Paulini states that the company was dealing with a significant spike in clients’ demand. “We simply couldn’t do a significant build, no matter how useful it would have been for clients,” he said.

A significant efficiency improvement for public health agencies

Joe explains that clients in public health see significant improvement in their operations due to adding the TheEmbeddable interface to Checkout. “The staff at these clinics can now use their phones to dial numbers automatically. The embeddable widgets are always available in our app so that teams can dial numbers from their phones or tablets. This means that they can make much more calls per day. Fortunately, it wasn’t an obstacle. Mike Brindamour explains the situation. “All we had was to insert a few lines in our app, and then we were up. It took about 24 hours for TheEmbeddable to be available, and then our team was ready to push this functionality to clients. Mike Brindamour CTO Chexout