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660 Area Code Calls Abrigo helps U.S. institutions to support communities by using technology that combats financial criminality, grows loans, deposits, and optimizes risks. Abrigo’s platform centralizes each institution’s data and creates a digital experience that ensures compliance. This allows for efficiency and profit growth. Jeff said Abrigo is increasing, and The embedded within Teams will help make that growth more efficient. In addition, They will make it simple to add new users. Many older people rely on the phone to connect with their families and friends. The problem was that 33% to 4% of 65-74-year olds, and half of the 75-year olds, have significant hearing impairments.

660 Area Code Calls

Jeff emphasized that Abrigo was growing tremendously in recent times, both organically as well through many mergers. Unfortunately, this led to several disjointed phones systems and no unified companywide telephony system. Jeff said that Microsoft Teams was already used for internal chats as well as meetings. The company transitioned relatively smoothly to remote working after the March 2020 lockdowns, according to Jeff. Jeff pointed out, however, that it was not an easy transition from a telephone perspective. For example, many employees could not make or receive business phone calls without using their office desk phones. But, again, They stood out for us.

 TheCloud Voice PBX for Teams

Jeff said, “The integration was smooth.” “They provided an [Professional Services] Team that supported us through the whole process of changing everything.“Having telephony integration in Teams made it extremely easy for our users. This is easily integrated into Teams. Our change in workflow is virtually zero because of how familiar they are with the environment. It’s unnecessary to learn new apps or get out of Teams to make or receive calls.

 The Results: Smoother remote operations with enhanced business continuity and a more direct path to growth

Jeff explains that having the full-featured ThePhone Solution embedd into their Teams platform allows Abrigo’s 600 remote employees to function as productively and remain as accessible to customers as if they were physically present in the office. The incredible 99.999% guarantee uptime is a boon for the company from a regulatory and operational standpoint. “We, as financial professionals, are very concerned about uptime. So we don’t allow any delays. When Teams goes down,” we can quickly switch to Theand pull up RingCentral. It’s possible to open it from a web browser, on your laptop, or the [mobile] mobile app. It’s easy to switch from one version to another, so there’s minimal downtime. This solved a significant challenge for us: what would we do in the event of communication disruption. 

660 Area Code Calls

ClearCaptions–a prominent provider of call captioning, allows people with hearing impairments to communicate on specially designed phones and iPads r and iPhones r that display the conversations between the close-to-real-time text of the conversations between callers phone calls – saw demand soar. When ClearCaptions phone buyers were making calls to the company, support was being contacted by more customers looking for ways to reconnect with their phones. both the Customer Service and Inside Sales teams managed the spike in calls during the lockdowns. ClearCaptions can help thousands of more deaf persons every month.