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Buy 660 Area Code Numbers Furthermore. Contact Center gave the company’s dispersed support department the centralized, easy to manage solution they needed. This allowed them to create call queues based on geography and capacity and then route calls to the appropriate agents. As a result, CNS has helped tens to thousands of patients rebuild their lives since its foundation 40 years ago. Even more impressive is that CNS’s six outpatient rehabilitation clinics and long-term residential facilities have developed so much expertise over time that CNS is one of the medical professionals’ most reliable sources of information about brain injury rehabilitation therapy.


Buy 660 Area Code Numbers

proved its worth when the COVID-19 Shelter-in-place orders were canceled. It forced all WideOrbit’s global offices in China to close down and all employees from WideOrbit to work from home. Jai says, “The transition to remote worked was so simple and painless. It was an incredible experience.” “Our employees work in the office, and the next day they work remotely. And we haven’t had one complaint regarding system performance, call quality, lack of functionality, or any other aspect–nothing. is our IT news. Is our IT news. It helps brain injury victims regain their independence. Centre for Neuro Skills was the first such organization and is still the most well-known and respected.

A seamless transition during lockdowns

CNS-Speech and physical therapy specialists, physicians, mental health counselors, clinical assistants, etc., provide care for over 1,000 patients every year at CNS’s residential rehab facilities throughout California, Texas, and Texas.

CNS faced serious difficulties when COVID lockdowns in both of the states went into effect. Patients with underlying diseases put them at greater risk. The staff, therefore, had to limit the number of visits they made in person. Nevertheless, these patients still required ongoing care from the clinical team.CNS has a lot to be thankful for. Before COVID, the organization had already moved to a cloud-based communications solution that allowed staff to remotely monitor and care for patients.

A cost-cutting solution to the best telehealth option

Joe Castillo, the Regional Director, Operations, had many reasons why CNS moved from its legacy infrastructure to 2018 — but his main goal was to lower the overall telecom cost of the organization. “The monthly telephone bills were way too costly,” he says. “Plus, other communication services were not included in our monthly phone bills, such as instant messaging or video conferencing. It added up. Joe’s team realized the cost savings they had hoped for when they implemented their all-in-one phone, video, messaging, and group messaging solution. But the new cloud communications platform proved invaluable at the outbreak of COVID.

Buy 660 Area Code Numbers

CNS’s staff decided not to panic about how to remain connected with patients during the lockdown. Instead, they could easily transition to Telehealth Therapy sessions with patients via phone or video conferencing solutions.  Joe said that we needed to do the only thing at our residential facilities added desktop programs to patients’ computers. “For group telehealth, we connected computers and TVs to the standard rooms. The TVs were used as monitors. As a result, we offered video-based treatment sessions for our patients in just four days. It was remarkable.