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Organization Phone Number In 660 Area Code CNS has been able to continue providing high-quality medical care to patients during lockdowns. It also allowed staff to stay connected and share ideas and best practices. Joe explains that Joe’s therapists have created groups on  .for their therapists to share information. “So our speech therapists would communicate via team message to each other about their telehealth treatments. Joe points out, “Our staff now lives on the. App every day.” “I don’t think we’ve ever had this much communication as a business. Education and career training became more important than ever, with the 2020 lockdowns causing greater economic distress in western Pennsylvania.

Organization Phone Number In 660 Area Code

Penn Highlands’ IT team switched from RingCentral’s web-based communications system to help them stay in touch with their colleagues, donors, journalists, and other public members remotely. Matt Hoffman, chief information officer, states that the old phone system would have made it difficult to forward office numbers to other telephones. Also, there was no way for people to call home from their work numbers. “This would have meant faculty would’ve given their cell numbers out to students. Also, our fundraising and Marketing staff would’ve needed to share their personal information with donors. Matt’s team solved these problems immediately when they launched  .for all college faculty and staff. In addition, .desktop apps and mobile apps were installed on every person’s computer. But this was only one way the school found that  .could make its operations more efficient.

More advantages from their cloud telephone solution

Matt’s team created call queues quickly and updated routing instructions every time they needed. This cloud solution was easy to manage via an online dashboard. Matt and his team realized another benefit they had with RingCentral. The ability to provide faster response times to campus emergency calls.  .sent text messages to Penn Highlands’ internal emergency services team immediately after trying the 911 feature. They received the text alerts all while their phone was ringing. Matt states that Matt would know if someone called from within a classroom to report an actual emergency. “Knowing that gives you real peace of heart.

Priority1: Staying connected during the lockdown

Matt knew that Penn Highlands would have lower telecom expenses if it switched to a hosted phone system. But he realized the cost savings were much more significant than he estimated.”One thing I forgot to factor in was that our old telephone system’s software package cost so much, we were paying a lot for a virtual platform to house it.” So  .saved us the cost of paying substantial licensing fees after we moved. Today, managing daily administrative tasks can be one of the most challenging aspects of running small healthcare practices. Healthcare providers have limited time and are often forced to manage administrative tasks. Matt’s team couldn’t make any administrative changes due to the outdated phone infrastructure. He recalls, “Setting up an automated call queue would be a nightmare.